About Us

Girl sitting on railing in rotunda wearing Missy Massy petti-pants

Hi I'm Susie Taaffe and I am based in Brisbane, Australia. I created Missy Massy to be an online community to empower women in their femininity through fashion. Our mission is for all women to feel AMAZING everyday in the clothes they wear. 

Petti-pants Underwear is the first product that we have developed and launched to solve a multitude of underwear 'issues'! Say goodbye to chafe, muffin top and visible panty lines plus they are also the most comfortable thing you will ever wear.

The functionality has been tested over a decade and additional design features (extra large cotton gusset for maximum breathability) added to address all the problems women experience with their underwear. We have succeeded in creating a product that will open up all wardrobes to wear any outfit with comfort and freedom. 

At Missy Massy we are focused on creating more solutions in the future to other daily fashion issues so watch this space!



The Petti-pants Underwear Product

Petti-pants are a modernised version of the French petti-coat which evokes memories of sensual undergarments worn ‘secretly’ under clothing.

French themes have been chosen with beautiful soft sensual fabrics to make women feel amazing whilst being confident and comfortable to wear whichever outfits they choose.