The background of Petti-pants Underwear

Are you sick of not being able to find underwear that suit a particular outfit and feel amazing to wear? Do you want to be able to wear any outfit you desire in any weather condition with confidence and freedom? From combating chafe in the hot Australian climate to smoothing lumps and bumps, disappearing visible panty lines, eradicating muffin tops and saying goodbye to the dreaded wedgie – Petti-pants are the solution to all your underwear problems whilst still being ridiculously comfy!

I couldn’t find anything available to combat all these issues so I created my first pair of Petti-pants eight years ago, making sure to address all the problems women experience with their underwear, to create the perfect lingerie solution for women of all shapes and sizes. I have been wearing them ever since and certainly could not have survived through three pregnancies without them. They open up my wardrobe to wear whatever outfit I want with comfort and freedom.

There is nothing better than wearing a floaty skirt or dress on a hot summer day but ‘HELLO CHAFE’!!! Wearing Petti-pants my problem is solved! They’re like secret active-underwear! You can wear anything and walk around like you are in gym gear!

Gorgeous fitted pencil skirt for the office but don’t want your g-string/panty line showing at the back - Petti-pants are your solution again! Fitted dress and you don’t want muffin top or your g-string/panty line showing through – BOOM Petti-pants eradicate again! Petti-pants are also great for when you need an extra smoothing layer like a petti-coat under a light silk dress or soft white skirt – lumps and bumps are gone! 

The Design

Petti-pants come in Nude, Black, Chocolate, Leopard, Aqua Skulls, Pretty Pink Floral and sizes range from XS to XXL. The mid-thigh length design prevents chafing between the legs and an extra-large 100% cotton gusset has been incorporated for maximum breathability and to keep the important bits ‘down there’ happy and healthy. I have sourced an extremely stretchy nylon which contours to your body for maximum comfort. This means no more muffin tops!

Petti-pants are perfect to wear under tight-fitting skirts, dresses and jumpsuits as they give a smooth finish around the waist and no visible panty lines or wedgies! As they are super stretchy they are also a fabulous option for pregnancy and post-natal. The silky stretchy nylon acts as a smoothing layer under fitted clothing, just like a second skin enhancing your natural silhouette and providing maximum comfort- not tight and constricting like fat sucker undies!

The Brand

Petti-pants was derived from petti-coat which evokes memories of sensual undergarments worn ‘secretly’ under clothing and I want the brand to empower women in their own femininity. I have chosen French themes with beautiful soft sensual fabrics to make women feel amazing whilst being confident and comfortable to wear which ever outfits they choose.

Your Wardrobe Essential

For some, your Petti-pants will be an essential part of everyday living - you’ll need one in every colour! Whilst for others they will be used for special outfits like that jumpsuit you bought recently but can’t find the right underwear for or a slinky cocktail dress. No matter how you use them I can guarantee that every woman will NEED at least one pair of Petti-pants in their life. Think about your sisters, mother, friends, aunties, grandmothers, daughters and nieces – wouldn’t you like to provide them with the freedom and comfort to wear whatever outfit they choose? Our stock is here and ready to be dispatched so you can wear your Petti-pants under your best party frock or under a floaty dress for those hot summer days. Also an absolute essential for your travelling wardrobe.

The biggest challenge is to get word out on the street that Petti-pants now exist and that women of all shapes and sizes can dress comfortably with confidence in any outfit they desire. My aim is to help women all over the world have access to Petti-pants. Please share my website via your social media network with everyone you know so that all your friends and their female friends, sisters, mother, aunties, grandmothers and daughters have access to Petti-pants! Women need Petti-pants in their lives.

I also would love to get your feedback on my product so please tag photos #missymassy #flashmeyours wearing your Petti-pants or wearing an outfit in need of Petti-pants.