Cotton Gusset!! WARNING – This blog post contains real information about issues women face!!!


I wanted to share with you my design process for the extra-large cotton gusset. A few people have asked me why it isn’t in the same fabric as the rest of the Petti-pants?? It kind of looks a bit ugly… There is a very good reason from this and it arose whilst I was in the research phase of the product design. The original petti-pants did not contain this feature however after talking with hundreds of women I found out that thrush was a major concern for some women and they could only ever choose 100% cotton underwear. The second a piece of synthetic material goes near their feminine flower (drawing of a flower blooming in front of a woman’s vagina) uh oh…. Thrush!!! Well we’ve all had it….And I couldn’t let anything in this design possibly contribute to my ladies’ dilemma! This got me to thinking of options to incorporate 100% cotton into petti-pants. It is not possible to have petti-pants made out of 100% cotton as cotton worn under cotton skirts and dresses clings and does not create a nice smooth line – think catchy fabric over my bottom! Soooo unnecessary to bring any extra attention to that area. I needed to use the super stretchy nylon to create the beautiful soft slinky feel of the outside fabric just gliding over and for the fit to be exact on whatever body shape was wearing Petti-pants. So I mapped out the area needed to provide the airflow required to prevent thrush for all the women who were susceptible. The 21cm x 8cm oval design is to ensure there are no sharp edges that could cause pressure points or to dig in. I have purposely left it as a single layer to allow for maximum breathability. To cover it with the nylon fabric would defeat the purpose built design and the stretchy cotton fabric was sourced for its density and flexibility. Ladies – I have GOT YOUR BACK ( or actually your butt in this instance) !!!